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Pro-Cure Super Gel 2oz

Model: G2-ACW
Stock: 5+
California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Pro-Cure Super Gel is now even more effective with the addition of UV enhancement. It's like attaching a light bulb to your lure or bait. The visibility brings fish in to investigate, and the scent gets them to feed. There is no other product on the market that even comes close to performing like Pro-Cure Super Gel. It is made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks to lures, spoons, spinners, swim baits, soft baits, etc. for an exceptionally long time.

For over 20 years Pro-Cure has catered to the needs of many of the most famous fishing guides, lodges and charter operations in the world for one major reason - Pro-Cure Products consistently catch them more fish where other brands have not. Only Pro-Cure makes their scents from real whole fresh bait, and this makes a huge difference over scents that are formulated chemically in labs. Then they enhance all of their scents with powerful blends of exotic amino acids and bite stimulants to bring you the most effective scents ever offered.

Amount per Bottle: 2 oz.

39 Models Available

Model Scent Stock Price Qty
G2-ACW Anise Crawfish In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-AKR Anise Krill Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-ANC Anchovy In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-ATU Anise Bloody Tuna In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-BAS Trophy Bass In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-BLD Blood Worm Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-BTJ Butt Juice Out of Stock $7.99
G2-CAL Calico Cocktail In Stock: 5+ $7.97
G2-CRB Blue Crab In Stock: 5+ $7.97
G2-CRN Sweet Corn Out of Stock $7.99
G2-CRP Carp Spit In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-CRW Crawfish In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-EEL Eel In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-GAR Garlic Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-GCW Garlic Crawfish Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-GTU Garlic Bloody Tuna Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-HER Herring Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-KOK Kokanee Special Out of Stock $7.99
G2-KRL Krill In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-LCH Leech In Stock: 5+ $7.97
G2-MNO Minnow Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-NAN Anise Plus In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-NTC NightCrawler Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-PRD Predator Scent Out of Stock $7.99
G2-SAR Sardine In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-SCW Sweet Craw In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-SEG Salmon Egg Out of Stock $7.99
G2-SHC Steelhead Combo In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-SHD Shad Out of Stock $7.99
G2-SKR Shrimp Krill In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-SMP Shrimp Egg In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-SND Sand Shrimp Low Stock: <5 $7.99
G2-SQD Squid In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-TFS Threadfin Shad In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-TKM GEL Trout/Kokanee Magic Out of Stock $7.99
G2-TRT Rainbow Trout Out of Stock $7.99
G2-TUI Trophy Trout Out of Stock $7.99
G2-TUN Bloody Tuna In Stock: 5+ $7.99
G2-UVF UV Flash Out of Stock $7.99

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Pro-Cure Super Gel 2oz
Pro-Cure Super Gel 2oz
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