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Pro-Cure Bait Oil 2oz

Model: BO-AKR
Stock: 5+
California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Several years ago Pro-Cure started a bait scent revolution with the introduction of UV Enhancement to all of our Bait Oils, Super Gels and Bait Sauces. Combining the world's most powerful bait scents with UV is a win - win situation. If you've never tried Pro-Cure's UV enhanced bait scents hopefully you'll see the light - 'cause big fish sure do see the light - UV THAT IS!!!

32 Models Available

Model Scent Stock Price Qty
BO-AKR Anise Krill In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-ANC Anchovy Low Stock: <5 $7.99
BO-ANS Anise Glo Pink In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-AOP Anise Pure In Stock: 5+ $13.99
BO-ATU Anise Bloody Tuna Out of Stock $7.99
BO-BBC Bait Brite Concentrate In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-BTJ Butt Juice Out of Stock $7.99
BO-CAT Catfish Cocktail Low Stock: <5 $7.99
BO-CRB Blue Crab In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-CRN Corn In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-CRP Carp Spit In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-CUV Chart Glow Uv In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-GAR Garlic Plus In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-GTU Garlic Bloody Tuna Out of Stock $7.99
BO-HER Herring In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-KCJ Kenai Cocktail Juice In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-KOK Kokanee Special In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-KRL Krill In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-MNO Minnow In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-NAN Anise Plus Clear In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-PRD Predator In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-PUV Pure UV In Stock: 5+ $10.99
BO-SAR Sardine Out of Stock $7.99
BO-SEG Salmon Egg Low Stock: <5 $7.99
BO-SFZ Sturgeon Frenzy In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-SKR Shrimp Krill In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-SMP Shrimp/Prawn In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-SND Sand Shrimp In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-SQD Squid In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-SSM Salmon Slammer In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-STC Sturgeon Cocktail In Stock: 5+ $7.99
BO-TUN Bloody Tuna Out of Stock $7.99

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Pro-Cure Bait Oil 2oz
Pro-Cure Bait Oil 2oz
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