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Mepps Flying C

Model: FC78 HC-BK/HC
Style: FC78 HC-BK/HC
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Stock: 5+
California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Casts like a bullet... Drops Quickly... Runs Deep... Here is the perfect salmon and steelhead lure for the pier or stream fisherman. It is proven in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The Mepps Flying C is a heavyweight spinner that drops deep and stays deep throughout the retrieve. In fact, its one of Mepps deepest running spinners. Its bright fluorescent sleeve acts as a highly reflective attractor. Bodies are solid brass. Silver blades are genuine silver plate. Gold blades are polished brass. Painted blades are finished with computer age epoxy. All Flying Cs come with a perma steel treble hook. Weight: 7/8 oz.

28 Models Available

Model Style Color Stock Price Qty
FC78 HC-BK/HC FC78 HC-BK/HC Hot Chartreuse / Black Hot Chartreuse In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HC-G FC78 HC-G Hot Chartreuse / Gold Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HC-GC * FC78 HC-GC Hot Chartreuse / Glow Chartreuse In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HC-HC FC78 HC-HC Hot Chartreuse / Hot Chartreuse Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HC-HCS/RED * FC78 HC-HCS/RD Hot Chartreuse / Chartreuse Silver Red Dot In Stock: 5+ $6.47
FC78 HC-HFT FC78 HC-HFT Hot Chartreuse / Firetiger In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HC-HFT/RD * FC78 HC-HFT/RD Hot Chartreuse / Hot Firetiger Red Dot In Stock: 5+ $6.47
FC78 HC-HOCB * FC78 HC-HOCB Hot Chartreuse / Hot Orange Chartreuse Black In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HC-S FC78 HC-S Hot Chartreuse / Silver Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HC-SBC * FC78 HC-SBC Hot Chartreuse / Silver Blue Chrome Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HC-SCH * FC78 HC-SCH Hot Chartreuse / Silver Chartreuse Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HC-SCHD * FC78 HC-SCHD Hot Chartreuse / Silver Chartreuse Dots In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HO-BK/HO FC78 HO-BK/HO Hot Orange / Black Hot Orange In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HO-G FC78 HO-G Hot Orange / Gold In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HO-HO FC78 HO-HO Hot Orange / Hot Orange In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HO-HOC FC78 HO-HOC Hot Orange / Hot Orange Chartreuse Low Stock: <5 $6.99
FC78 HO-S FC78 HO-S Hot Orange / Silver Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HP-G * FC78 HP-G Hot Pink / Gold Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HP-GP FC78 HP-GP Hot Pink / Glow Pink In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HP-HP FC78 HP-HP Hot Pink / Hot Pink Out of Stock $6.99
FC78 HP-HPC FC78 HP-HPC Hot Pink / Hot Pink Chartreuse In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HP-RBT FC78 HP-RBT Hot Pink / Rainbow Trout In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HP-S FC78 HP-S Hot Pink Silver In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HP-SPL * FC78 HP-SPL Hot Pink / Watermelon In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 HP-SRD * FC78 HP-SRD Hot Pink / Silver Red Dot In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78 RD-S SBRS Silver Red In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78-RD-G FC78-RD-G Gold Blade/Red Sleeve In Stock: 5+ $6.99
FC78-RD-S/RW FC78-RD-S/RW Red / Red White Out of Stock $6.99

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Mepps Flying C - FC78 HC-BK/HC
Mepps Flying C - FC78 HC-BK/HC
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