Pro/Teen event at Russo’s

I fished the Pro/Teen event at Russo’s today. They were short on boats, so I took two teen’s with me today. Omar Gutierrez and Tanner Sterrud were my fishing partners for this event. The wind blew 15+ most of the day, so we decided to stay with the Perfect Buzz, in the “Fred” and “white” colors, most of the day. Tanner had a nice 10 lb limit, and Omar finished in 3rd place with his 15 1/2 lb limit. I’ve attached a photo of Omar’s 5 1/4 lb “Teen Big Fish” that he caught on the Perfect Buzz. He received some great prizes for that fish, being that it was the largest caught by any of the “Teen’s” that fished the event.

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ICAST Vegas Trip

I had a great time at the ICAST show in Vegas!

Bumpin’ into some old friends and sharing fish stories is definitely a huge part of the trip!

We also launched the “Bobby’s Perfect Buzz”, from Snagproof. It will be available soon at retailers.

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Check out “Bobby’s Perfect Buzz”

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California Delta Bass Fishing

Summer is finally here….I think. The Delta “Bass Fishing Rollercoaster” is heading down the tracks. There is one thing for sure out here right now. If you think you’re “on ’em”, don’t hold your breath, until you’ve fished a few key areas with a variety of baits.

14 spinnerbait fish today….can’t get one to chase it tomorrow. 20 open water frog bites in 6 hours today… 5 bites tomorrow, and so on.

Keep an open mind, and have baits to cover the various water columns down to 10 feet.

Turnin ‘ Frogs Into Toads,

Bobby Barrack

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Slow down!

The California Delta has been fishing tough. The winds and fronts coming out of the north has made fishing difficult to say the least. The reaction bite is hit and miss on any given day. Slowing down and fishing jigs, Senkos and a drop shot is currently the most productive.

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